Children Dancing

Body-Conditioning for Well-Being B (Adult) (11 a.m. Fridays) — Recommended for ages 13 to 100

A wonderful class based on a system of conditioning exercises (the Nickolaus Technique) which is similar to a mixture of Pilates and Yoga. It is very helpful for back problems, core body strength, flexibility and general conditioning. These exercises are done with deep abdominal breathing and are mostly lying and sitting. Inspiring music is incorporated into the class which flows smoothly from one series to the next. Basic dance technique is incorporated into the last part of the class depending on students needs and desires.

Monthly workshops: Isadora Duncan Technique and Classical Creative Dance for Adults (1:30 p.m. Mondays) — Recommended for ages 13 to 100

This class is a wonderful and invigorating way to connect your own body with nature and artistry. Through Isadora's movement techniques of initiating movement from the center and radiating outwards, the ebb and flow nature of the movement, and the harmony of the entire body while moving, this dance is life-affirming. Find the inherent beauty of our natural movements and use them to express qualities of humanity that we all share. Connect with great classical music, classical art and mythological ideas through your body. Rekindle your natural joy of movement! Classes consist of opening and inspiring movement studies, improvisation and sections of Duncan repertory. Classes are also running out of Great Neck Continuing Education at 30 Cumberland Drive. Call 516 441 4949. For Saturday workshops through Children Dancing, call or stay posted for future dates.